APPLICATION (Shore Protection)

Erosion and sedimentation are the two fundamental problems that coastal and river
management is fighting with. However, natural disasters and the raise of man-made
structures sometimes make the problems worst. The application of POLTube® is an easier
way to prevent shoreline erosion, protect coastal infrastructure, and enable dredging of
river channels to reduce the possibility of flooding.

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POLTube can be applied in the following constructions and engineering purposes:

Shoreline Remediation

Submerged Breakwater.

Detached Breakwater.


Dune Reinforcement.

River / Wetland Remediation

River channel Dredging.
Wetland Remediation.
River Bank Protection.

Coastal Infrastructure Protection

Pipeline Protection.
Cofferdam Construction.
Reclamation Works.

Harbor Dredging

Harbor Basin Sludge Dredging.
Channel Sediment Dredging.

APPLICATION (Environmental Remediation)

Dredging and dewatering work are one of the main tasks in environmental remediation.
However, these tasks can be challenging in both budget and operation. POLTube is to
provide an effective way of dewatering treatment to waste/sludge/deposit from industrial,
municipal, mining, agricultural, waterway areas and etc. It could reduce the cost and time
in dewatering process, and improve the effectiveness of the dewatering treatment
(compare with the drying bed method).

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POLTube can provide dewatering treatment in the following areas:

Industrial Sludge

To dewater industrial waste and sludge
from factories (such as paper mill, sawmill,
chemical related and etc.) for disposal.

Sewage Sludge

To substitute for random discharge and
exposed waste lagoons, POLTube provides
one low impact treatment for the environment.

Agricultural Waste

To collect and treat the soil and waste from livestock
and farming.

Mining Waste

To filter ash, tailings, and other solid materials from the
mining water.

Sediments in Water

To dredge sediments in river, reservoir, lagoon, lake, and
pond and keep these systems in proper function.

Why POLTube?

Key Features

  • High grade fabric with satisfactory strength.
  • Excellent resistance to UV, alkaline & acid.
  • Outstanding permeability.
  • Customized design available.

Key Benefits

  • Cost-efficient.
  • High efficiency of construction.
  • Environmentally-friendly with less carbon emission & odor.