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Polage Infravest Architectural Building Services

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Architecture is at the core of Polage’s Services, centered on space creation and element appropriation to produce a coherent and functional structure. At Polage we major on detailing that goes into our architectural pieces, each steps of the design are well thought out for safety and comfort- we process the flow from schematic design to design development, construction document productions and actual construction execution and management. Our portfolio is our most powerful tool; we shape briefs and transform them to the full advantage of our clients.

concept design

Concept designs and contractual documentation for our client. We usually are in partnership with few construction companies, providing matching concept design with client’s briefs.

In projects as such, we carry out designs, prepare contract document such as Bill of Quantities, Materials and Labour schedules, Programme of works, specification writing, Stage payment analysis and project management tools to avail such construction outfits ease of delivery.

Polage Infravest Concept Design

Estate design

Conceptual design of standard cost housing estate for FLAWLESS ESSENCE NIG. LTD.

Design still in process.

Contemporary designs

Expert advice and ideas for your own contemporary home design, imputing the “wow-factor” of modern house designs. Contemporary -modern House plans feature open, flexible floor space, minimalist decorative elements. These designs are perfect for those who want to make a clean break from the past and embrace pure modern style. Polage is at your service.

 Interior Detailing